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Engasco Boutique Table with fire Outdoor heater.
Engasco Fire Table

Boutique Fire Table

Vintage on the ground! Boutique is your unique table made with a real Barrel, Engasco Boutique Fire table it’s the right heater for anyone looking for a vintage design and a warm spot to gather around! Enhance your Outdoor Heating experience with Engasco.

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Engasco Engasco Boutique Fire Table Table with fire

Engasco fire table is made out of high quality products in order to satisfy all outdoor living needs. It allows you to stay outside during the colder times, so you can enjoy your terrars, garden or balcony, despite the outside temperature. Create a lovely homelike atmosphere and experience the outside in a whole new way! Light and level up any outdoor space with Engasco Fire Tables.
Fully Croatian product. Designed and manufactured by the ENGASCO d.o.o. and certified by the European Union.

You can customize your table in many sizes and options depending on the experience you’re looking for.

About the Engasco Fire Table

Fully Croatian product. Designed and manufactured by the ENGASCO d.o.o. ENGASCO fire table heater is a unique product that will bring satisfaction to all customers. Assuring your heating needs without ruining the aesthetics of your space, since our fire tables are attractive, elegant and modernly designed.
table dimensions
90cm, 100cm, 120cm
board materials
Topalit, Compact, Solid wood, multiple colours.
heating radius
LPG gas
450gr/hour – max 870 gr/hour
Different heights for different experiences
Strong Glass protection
Multiple top table options
Fire controller with power option

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