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Started in Croatia in 2018, Engasco's story is filled with ups and downs. We've always aimed to make spaces better, whether it's for businesses like restaurants and hotels or homes. With Engasco, places become beautiful spots for great times and special memories. Our passion is in every product, ensuring warmth and style blend seamlessly. It's more than just a table; it's an experience

Engasco Vision: Elevate Every Premium Venue Worldwide.

Driven by a clear vision, our mission at Engasco is to see our fire tables become an integral part of every premium hotel, bar, and restaurant globally. We believe in the transformative power of our designs to elevate guest experiences, combining both elegance and utility. But we recognize that achieving this ambitious goal requires strong collaborations. Hence, we're actively seeking partners who share our commitment and enthusiasm. Together, we can reshape the world of hospitality, introducing a touch of Engasco luxury to every corner

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