Frequently asked questions about Engasco Fire Tables

Regular board dimensions are: 90×90, 100×100 and 120×120 cm. We can produce special dimensions according to customer requests.
Yes, you can choose between rustic brown, anthracite, bright grey, black, and more.
The height of the lowest table is 78 cm and the height of the bar table size is 103 cm.

Yes, the table comes together with lava stones which purpose is to keep the warmth while not cracking on high temperatures.

Yes, tables are made from durable materials suitable for outdoor use and they can stand any weather conditions. Only part of the table that must be dry in order to work is the firepit. If the firepit gets wet, you just have to dry it before use. We also offer a firepit cover to protect your table from the elements.

Regularly no, but we offer special extra parts for the barbecue, so You can use the table as a barbecue tool.

The compact board is the top board made for outdoor use. Compact material, because of their texture, is very easy to maintain. In addition, they are resistant to different types of weather conditions.

The height of glass protection is 15,5 cm. That is specially produced fire resistant glass whose purpose is to keep You safe from the open flame, but of course you need to be aware of the hot surface.
Our tables are suitable for small and larger groups of people. Depending on the dimension of the top board, four or more people can fit around the table comfortably.

Yes! We have boards that come in two dimensions: 100×100 and 120×120 which is enough to fit the plates and drinks around the fire.

Yes, You can buy an Engasco fire table for your home if you have a balcony or open terrace/garden.
No. Engasco fire tables are designed especially for open and semi-open spaces. Otherwise, it could be dangerous.
The table weight is 45,5 kilos.

No, You have to provide a gas bottle by yourself. You can use bottles with a capacity of 5 or 10 kilograms, depending which table model you choose.

Gas bottle goes into the storage under the firepit – in the base of the heater, which can be locked. Check the picture in manual instructions and be sure that you have connected the bottle properly!
Gas consumption goes from 470 gr/h to 850 gr/h, depending on flame strength which is adjustable. Approximately, one bottle lasts 1 to 3 days, depending on how much the table works.
Yes, shipping is at your own cost, except when we have special promotions in which case we provide free shipping.

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