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Alongside the eventful atmosphere made with a combination of pleasing interiors and quality appliances, another thing that matters for your space is attractive appearance.

Engasco’s top-notch fire table with a minimalistic but striking design will amaze you with its spectacular flame

Create unforgettable moments
Create eventful atmosphere for friends and family
Transform your ambiance forever
Reliable heat without any unpleasant smell

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The Engasco Slava Fire Table Heater, with a minimalistic, classic design, can make your home, restaurant, or bar space look amazing


The Engasco Angel fire table with topalit or compact board is the perfect fit for your residential and business places. It provides the perfect warmth and desire for gatherings on cold nights.


Gathering around this traditional Engasco barrel fire table will relive your memories or create new ones that will walk along with you.

Engasco 55

Talking about portraying your space as an outstanding place where people live moments to the fullest, what could be a better option than Engasco 55, the compact and classic fire heater?

Imperial Lounge

Engasco Lounge’s large fire table is perfect for restaurants, bars, and hotels that provide customers with a cozy and vibrant environment matched to their moods and contemplative thoughts or talks.


Engasco Lounge’s Imperial fire table is perfect for restaurants, bars, and hotels.

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Dragan Ćorić
Sve preporuke za Engasco stolove. Odličan i elegantan dizajn. Idealan za vaše terase i bašte kuća, restorana ili kafića.
Marija Prskalo
Osim elegantnog izgleda, ovaj stol zbilja grije i zahvaljujući njemu ugodno je sjediti na terasi i u hladnim uvjetima. Sve preporuke!
Mario Musa
Fenomenalno okruženje, tople preporuke!
Tea Torbica
Preporuke! Fenomenalni stolovi sa vatrom, idealni za uživanje u bašti.

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