Engasco fire table takes over the market of Croatia and region. You can find it at the terraces all among Montenegro, Slovenia, Italy, France, England etc.

Aside that our Engasco gas table heater has a new look!

Since we are trying to make our product better, in order to respond market demand we made small changes. Those changes are little but quite important as they increase functionality of our product.

We made firepit smaller so we can get more surface of table tops, therefore dimension 120×120 is pretty unnecessary. That board dimension is not part of our serial production anymore but of course we can make it per customer request. With that move there is no much space needed as before for placing tables on terrace and yet there is enough space for placing plenty of food on it which is important for restaurants.

So now our serial production of tables consists of tables with classic-topalit and compact boards in dimensions 90×90 and 100×100

Base of Engasco table heater is also modified. Now it has a smooth layer and it is easy to maintain which was a bit problematic with earlier base type which was matte.

We increased our stock so delivery is faster and colour range is bigger.

We hope that our customers will recognize our efforts and that they will enjoy in our product even more now.