[ ENGASCO  fire table heater ]

About us

Fully Croatian product. Designed and manufactured by the REBUS d.o.o. ENGASCO  fire table heater is a unique product that will satisfy Your heating needs but won’t ruin the aesthetics of your space considering its attractive and modern design.

Engasco gas heaters are designed only for the outdoor space hence they are ideal for the outdoor terraces. Heating radius of Engasco gas fire table is 30m2 and it is possible to produce it in different dimensions and materials. Flame strenght is possible to adjust according to your needs.

[ ENGASCO  fire table heater ]


Is there anything better than small chat by the fire with the couple of friends, family, drinking, laughing and creating memories? We have the same answer and that is exactly why we create Engasco for. To create such lovely and home atmosphere outside of the home, to light and level up any outdoor space in a lovely wanna visit again place, to stay remarkable and to serve people in the best way ever. To remind them about home but still at the same time making them feel like they are at home. Yes, there is no place like home, but with Engasco table heater there is a place almost like home.


[ ENGASCO  fire table heater ]


Engasco is a table that is made out of high quality products in order to satisfy all outdoor living  needs. It allows you to stay outside during colder time, so you can enjoy your terrars, garden or balcony despite the outside temperature. You can choose your Engasco model from high to low table heater, you can choose shape: square or round table and you can choose material and design of your table top. So it is made uniquely for your needs.

Working hard on its design we upgraded first model 100 in several areas. We changed firepit to 400mm which will be enough to warm people in a cold days with heating radius of 30m2. Having fire resistance glass Your drinks and kids will be safe! We thought about maintenance of heater too so our stainless steel with a smooth layer will be easy to keep.

Table tops are available in dimensions of 90×90 for classic (topalit) table top while compact table top comes in dimensions 90×90 and 100×100. We offer wide range of colours for both table tops.  The difference between classic (topalit) table top and compact table top is in its look, classic board is 30mm thick and compact is 12mm thick (for further info about table tops fill the contact form.) Also, compact on Engasco table is a top quality board, durable and resistance to outdoor conditions. Classic top material is resistible to outside but not as well as compact. We offer also wood and stone as a top. Wood is for covered places with low moisture and it needs to be treated, while stone is timeless.

[ ENGASCO  fire table heater ]


Creating Engasco indeed was necessary as a form of innovative solution for outdoor space but at the same time functional solution, which doesn’t take much space. Especially if You take a look at the size of different models we offer, but it has its purpose. What is better purpose than making comfortable outdoor space for people who just love being outside (or they don’t but they have to since its overcrowded) observing nature, people passing by, having so much happening outside but yet feeling good and safe in a warmth of table heater.

We believe there is pretty much more to say but we believe that the best thing is to go and visit some of our references across Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and Montenegro and enjoy it by yourself. If You are already assured in our quality for which we stand for, and You think Engasco gas table heater would be perfect for warming Your outdoor space than give it a shot! Fill in the contact form and make Your order!